Efficiency . Design

The Perfect Combination For a Smarter City

For each city, one DNA

With the growth of the world population, almost one billion since 2000, cities have become gigantic urban agglomerations and the visual impact of this phenomenon in our environment, begins to be a priority in our society. Nowadays, recycling is a necessity that cannot be neglected and that is how new ideas emerge. We work to improve an ecological and organized society, solving one of its major problems with underground systems and compactors.

The advantages of our equipment

The containers are now buried and in the surface are placed landmarks. The residues are hidden, improving the visual impact.

Hygienic conditions increase dramatically once the garbage is buried: reduced odor, reduced dirt, and easy washing.

Easy incorporation at any part of the city thanks to the equipment’s urban design. Unlike typical containers, the landmarks are stylized and smaller.

The deposition of waste is done in a more practical way, improving accessibility for all, including children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.


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Semi Underground