Compatible with Multilift and Ampliroll equipped trucks, Gigapack is an advanced medium capacity underground system, for the collection and compaction of municipal solid waste. It has been developed for large waste production areas, such as commercial areas, department stores, hospitals, hotels, markets, ports, etc. The system is installed underground, inside a tailor-made concrete chamber, and is hidden by the lid, which may have the same type of flooring as the surrounding area.

The end result is quite striking, since only the emergent part can be seen. It eliminates the negative visual impact of containers placed at street level, and dignifies the area where it is located, which can be restored for more appropriate uses in city centres (restaurants, terraces, promenades …)


Remote control
GPRS communication
Leaking proof
Hot dip galvanized platform
Compactor with marine grade painting

reduction of
collecion costs

The system has a high compacting and storage ratio ≥4:1, which allows reducing the collection frequency and centralized collection at only one spot, thus achieving:

Lower total collection costs.
Reduction of noise, collection operations, and collection points.
Reduction of the impact of collection trucks on traffic.
Reduced number of maintenance and cleaning points



It prevents the abandonment of garbage bags outside containers
It prevents access to waste by animals and people
It minimizes bad odours produced by waste.

Models available according
to the type of operation

EERE Model – Platform and compactor driven by independent hydraulic unit, powered from the electrical network (11kW).
TERE Model – Platform driven by the truck PTO, and compactor driven by hydraulic unit powered from the electrical network (4kW).
TESP Model – Platform driven by the truck PTO, and compactor driven by hydraulic unit powered by photovoltaic panels (2.2kW).


overall length 600 mm
overall width 2500 mm
overall height 2750 mm
compactor height 1750 mm
container colume (other volumes available) 11 m3
hopper volume 1 m3
top bin drum volume 90 liters
load capacity 6000 kG
tare weight aprox. 4000 kG
gross weight 10000 kG
platform lifting capacity 12000 kG
platform lift stroke 1750 mm